Welcome to Rita Silk - Hand dyed accessories, clothing, fine art wall hangings, and sculpture by Rita Bernstein


Welcome to Rita Silk Design Studio

Fine Art Portfolio
The RitaSilk Studio is very appreciative of your visit and invites you to see the myriad of creative expressions of our works. All of our visitors have been replying to us with their personal responses to the work, we are so pleased to be able to share it with so many globally. We invite you to post any comments and feedback to us at ritasilkroma@gmail.com.


Included in the works exhibited on the website are
Fine Arts: Paintings, Drawings, Sculpture. Evidence of some of the Public Art installations and other exhibitions. Many of the works here have been on view in Juried Group shows as well as RitaSilk’s 16 ONE-woman-exhibitions.

The silk textile gallery includes Silk Apparel, Silk Accessories, Silk Wall hangings, Home Décor items and ceremonial art works

Each headline will reveal several pages that detail many different faces and expressions of our studio products as well as the enthusiastic offerings of work in the world. In addition you will notice that the lower section of each page has a featured scroll to the right where you can easily see more examples of the items in each category. Take your time and enjoy this outpouring of color, design, services and education.


Hand-dyed Silk Products Portfolio







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