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Silk Apparel & Accessories


The Shawl can be used alone to accessorize any costume adding "elegance to elegance" or an ethnic look,and/or rustic glamor to a simple jeans look. You can accessorize any color with silk shawls. Any Shawl can usually double as a Sarong which enables you to wear it for evening, or tie around your bathing suit at the beach. Simple to carry in your purse or overnight bag because they fold up and are light to carry.

Once you wrap yourself in a SILK SHAWL/SARONG by RitaSilk you will be forever in love! Hop into your cover up after a shower and you are instantly a GODDESS!

However, these Cover ups are also handsome on the menfolk and worn daily in many cultures, so  they are UNISEX.

Silk is the traditional Bridal veiling, the swaddling clothes of ancient princes, and more. Characteristically silk is soft and has a smooth, shiny, and flowing drapery quality. However, not every silk is identical in this respect so the varieties may always include stiffer and “more tailored” fit silks, for other “looks and fitting”.

Contemporary uses remain classical, including blend silks that become a stretchy silk fabric. Now you find silk clothes that will flow loosely fitting generous folds round the body, or ones that will tightly clasp and coat the wearer.

If you are designing for yourself: The silk wrap begins with your choice of yardage. A 6-yard piece allows you to craft wraps for a sarong skirt, a shawl and a headpiece. A 3-yard piece will allow you to craft a sarong that can also be used as a headpiece or shawl. You only need to sew the hems. and/or headpieces just as you would use jewelry to make a unique fashion statement. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination as shown by the photos below.

Silk Fashion Accessories

A companion to elegant grooming; scarves and shawls that prove to be beautiful ways of making your clothing look unique and blend the elements of design and color. Elegant silks that can be draped at your neck or tied at your waist, draped on hips, and turned into a formal wrap or a sporty “zing”, there are endless varieties to their wear-ability.

These items are "the touch" that accents your clothing. These great accessories will instantly turn your business suit into a different outfit each time you dress, and become a signature of your fashionista self!

In addition to scarves of all sizes/shapes and weights there are Camisoles, Silk Lingerie/ even Silk-Knit Gloves.

Men's Wear includes: Elegant Outerwear Scarves for the Northerners, Silk Guayaberas, Wonderful Hawaiian Silk Shirts, for the Gentleman in your life.

Gift items include: small colorful purses, eyeglass cases, jewelry pouches, bridal envelopes/treasure bags. Anything can be customized with names, poems and dedications.

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