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Silk Yardage for Home and Couture

This section is especially important for the Artisan/Seamstress/Tailor/Designer  who actually chooses fabric for their own Apparel, Upholstery, Vestments, and eventually crafts items from the fabrics. The yardage showcased is a small sampling of the endless range of colors and designs possible for your consideration. Each piece is unique. Silk Fabric choices available in 3, 6, 9, 12-yard lengths, or by special order.

Lengths of silk fabric that are destined to become whatever you wish! Fabrics can be crafted into couture dresses, gowns, as well as the upholstery for chairs/pillows and draperies. Rita's silk artworks are the solution to numerous designs for home, fashion wear and can be the exquisite finale to an already perfect room, and wardrobe, or the primary design element for color.

Hand worked and custom designed silks available in heavy upholstery weight fabrics for outerwear or furniture finishing. The other end of the spectrum is the most gossamer translucent sheer silk gauzes for delicacies that can become the materials for the couture designer, the interior details like a fabric drape over a canopy bed for home accents. RitaSilk will be pleased to collaborate with you on Fabric weights and colors.

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Pricing for yardage varies due to weight, weave, "momme" thickness and, of course; length of yardage, and customization. Usually beginning at $30 to $285.

Handwoven yardage is priced according to availability.

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