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Textiles History & Dying Process

    Textile Designs have always assisted us historically because they tell us a great deal about the people who made and crafted things in history. There are many fragments of cloth from centuries past that tell us about the natural resources, the skills, the aesthetics, religions, and even socio economic characteristics of that culture. Textiles were responsible for clothing, decorating, ceremonializing and protecting people throughout history. Textiles were the seedlings of the first world economic exchanges told in the stories of the "Ancient Silk Road" where travel and adversities were overcome as the earliest world traders crossed the Asian continent to European soil to sell and trade their exotic goods.

This section is a photo document of only ONE kind of dying technique employed in RitaSilk designs.

RitaSilk designs often employ multiple techniques on any single work, this continuous layering gives the fabrics their unique quality, and the untraceable element which transcends a single or repetitious style.

Our studies of "The Ancient and International importance of Textiles in World Culture and Arts" is a testament to the variety and imagination of almost every tribe and community that has painted, dyed, printed and otherwise produced design and coloration on fabrics of every conceivable fiber.

Most humans from the earliest cultures to the present have enhanced and altered fabrics. There is evidence of  cloth in all fibers combined to the aesthetic, rituals, social caste and economy of that culture. What this means is that all of humankind has imprinted the ideas and images they hold dear onto their fabrics by Dying, Dipping, Painting, Screening, creating Resists such as Gutta, BATIK, and cold Wax Applications. Many techniques names such as IKAT, SHIBORI, BATIK, Origati, and varieties of each are only a sampling of these world wide application techniques.

RitaSilk has studied and embraced many different styles of coloring textiles. She has visited the workshops and factories in Indonesia, China, Italy and many North American Artists. Textiles Dying and specifically dying silk is the expertise of RitaSilk Designs.



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